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About Us

Welcome to our website which was developed to facilitate communication between members of BEAVA and the public. It will also highlight real estate issues and matters of interest to the industry as they arise.

The Barbados Valuers Association was formed with approximately ten members in the early 1970's and was expanded in the 1980's to include real estate agents. The Association was then re-named The Barbados Estate Agents and Valuers Association (BEAVA). It was incorporated as a non-profit company (BEAVA Inc.) on January 25th, 2006 and now has a membership of approximately 135 which is constantly increasing.

We were incorporated primarily to enable us to campaign the Government to recognise BEAVA INC. as the governing body for the industry. To this end we have had to ensure that standards are in place and have set out to institute a system of monitoring and policing the industry, to increase public confidence and to ensure the integrity of its members.

The Company has embarked on providing continuing education for its members through the dissemination of pertinent publications, data and forms, and the hosting of seminars. This web-site provides a list of our Real Estate Agents and Valuers for your information and we encourage you to choose from one of our members for your real estate or valuation needs.