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Meet our Board

President Suzanne Davis (centre in blue dress) surrounded by board members shortly after being elected
to serve at the December 04th, 2014 AGM. (Missing is Treasurer Sonia Field)

The new year welcomes veteran realtor Suzanne Davis as President of BEAVA. She was returned for a second consecutive term at BEAVA’s December’s AGM at Savannah Hotel, where she was re-elected unopposed. She will be ably assisted by Vice President George Ramsey, Secretary Alkins Kirton, Treasurer Sonia Field and ordinary members, Pooka Yhap, David Coombes, Paul Alleyne, Curtis Pounder and Rae Stollmeyer.

Mrs. Davis bade farewell to board members Tania Wallace, Cherita O'dell and Hayden Hutton who did not seek re-election and thanked each one, including those who returned to serve, for their invaluable contribution over the past years. She is looking forward to leading the association into a new year filled with excitement and hope for a brighter, successful industry. She adds that 2015 will see, among other projects, a continuation of the educational seminars that BEAVA has successfully hosted throughout 2014 and will keep members apprised of plans to give BEAVA a larger presence locally.

BEAVA will also host its second REAL ESTATE EXPO towards the end of 2015 – details of which will be announced.