Real Estate in Barbados

The property market in Barbados today is vibrant and tends not to experience the same booms and depressions as much bigger markets but rather a steady increase. Barbados has not seen a decline in property values and Central bank statistics reveal that general property values have increased by about 20% in the last 5 years, and significantly more than this with the luxury market.

Beautiful coral stone homes, full service office buildings, luxury villas, modern hotels and resorts, historic plantation houses, regal churches and the modest chattel homes are the hallmark of Barbados.

These varied properties are situated in a wide choice of locations from the beachfront or close proximity to the beach of the luxurious west coast and the more vibrant south coast, or for a more rural and country setting there is the more east and central parishes of the island.

With a sophisticated and active real estate market, as well as meticulously planned, stringently applied and diligently enforced legislation to protect the investors, Barbados is well positioned to offer investors an attractive and rare compromise - a harmonious blend of both the advanced infrastructure of a developed nation and the charm and beauty of a tropical island.

Barbados, with its warm climate, social and political stability and friendly people, is the perfect place to purchase that retirement house or holiday home.     


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